ARD514 17/18 Practice in Context | Water Lenses Exhibition

On the 21st November, we visited an exhibit organised by Rona Campbell. The exhibit was a showcase of her work in the world of Water Lens Photography. (
A Water Lens is a “a lens whose refracting medium is water contained in a suitably shaped vessel of transparent material.” (Water Lens | Definition of Water Lens by Merriam-Webster).

Rona is a singer, poet and photographer. She is known in the photographer community for her work ‘Bottled People’ which consists of portraits of “artists, actors, singers and poets” –
On the 7th April 2017, her art “Bottled Singer” was submitted and accepted for the Wrexham Open Art Competition.

The suitable vessel in question, can be a bulb glass or a large fish bowl. You place a subject on one side of the container, then position the camera opposite the subject. The following images are just a few I toke at the exhibition. These would class as controlled photography, as I was in a position to place the subjects behind the vessels and experiment around the exhibit, like the image below featuring the coloured streamers. Classic examples of the Water Lens Photography.

After visiting the exhibit, I have grown a keen interest in Water Lens Photography and have brainstormed a few ideas I would like to try.
I would like to attempt landscape as it would be very interesting to see all the colours and horizon distorted like the first two images featured above.
A close up portrait of a flower surrounded by greenery. The distortion of the surroundings could resemble either the hole of a leaf or a window displaying the flower.
My third concept is shooting underwater. Images of Marine Life in the form of Water Lens Photography would look magical and eye popping. The many colours of the fish would stand out against the pure deep blue of the sea.

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